• 6 Cups pureed fruit (watermelon, peaches, plums, strawberries) (about 1 ¼ lbs)
  •  ½ Cup sugar or honey
  • 1 citrus, juiced (lemon, lime, or orange)
  • ½ Cup water


  1. Puree fruit, sugar or honey, citrus juice, and water in a blender or using an immersion blender.
  2. Pour mixture into popsicle molds.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap. Cut a slit in the top of the plastic wrap and insert stick.
  4. Freeze until firm.

Chef’s Choice: There are many variations to this recipe: Watermelon, Lime, and Ginger; Honey Lemonade; Cantaloupe and Mint; Orange Strawberry; Chile, Lime, and Melon. Get creative and have fun!