Join Dr. Vinod Kumar from the Heart Vascular & Leg Center and guest Greg Morris live on Friday, July 26 at 12:30 p.m.

This month, we’ll continue our series on Lower Extremity Wounds and their High Risk for Amputations. Our guest Greg Morris was suffering from non-healing wounds and leg pain. Dr. Kumar was able to heal the wounds and correct the underlying conditions that contributed to his wounds and leg pain.

We’ll be streaming live here and on the KGET Facebook Page.

Join us as we cover:

  1. What are lower extremity wounds and who is at risk?
  2. What kind of procedures are available?
  3. What kind of experience can a patient expect?
  4. How long can recovery take?

…and more! We’ll also be answering questions from viewers.

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We will try to answer as many questions as possible.

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Cynthia Burt, RN

Dr. Vinod Kumar
Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Vinod Kumar is the Medical Director of Heart Vascular and Leg in Bakersfield, California. He has a reputation as being an excellent provider who is passionate about his work. Dr. Kumar made the decision to become a cardiovascular specialist because he has a passion for protecting and saving people from heart disease and preventing amputations.

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