Join hosts Dennis Farmer and Denny Moss from Legacy Village live on Monday, July 23 at 12:30 p.m.

We'll be addressing alcohol and drug addiction questions such as:

1.) How do we identify addiction or substance abuse?
2.) Why the stigma? Who really struggles with chemical dependency or addiction?
3.) What can a family member do for those who don't want help? Are you enabling the addict?
4.) What can a family member do for those who DO want help?
5.) How do you pay for treatment, what options are available?
6.) What does "successful" treatment mean? How does it compare to other diseases?
7.) Aftercare, Outpatient & Sober Living - what is this?
8.) Living Life in Recovery - how do you keep your sobriety after getting help?
9.) Marijuana - gateway drug?
10.) What Services Does Legacy Offer?

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Dennis Farmer, CEO

Dennis Farmer
Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Farmer was raised in Shafter, California, a small farming town in Central Valley. At 24, Dennis took an entry level position with the State of California, and promoted through the budgetary and accounting areas to become the Head of the Accounting Department for Kern Valley State Prison. Experiences during his tenure included activation of two prison facilities, managements of budgets and fiscal policy, coordination with legislative accounting and budget affairs, internal control development and implementation, financial security audits, executive level administration of accounting, finance and budget policy.

Through his late 20’s, his struggle with alcohol became more pronounced; and by his early 30’s, alcohol began to affect his personal and professional life. After divorcing his first wife of less than two years, whom he shares a son with, he married for the second time. After less than two years of marriage, Dennis divorced for the second time, from his wife who he had a daughter with. His addiction to alcohol was becoming even more significant in personal choices, though he had not yet come to accept that he had a problem. At this point, even his professional life began to suffer, so he checked into a facility for the first of three stays in rehab. It would be the third and final stay that finally “stuck” and when he began the real process of recovery. This recovery stay lasted 60 days. This was truly the first time he embraced the recovery process, the 12-steps and most importantly, his reinvestment in his faith. Upon arriving for treatment, he was down to 135lbs with pancreatitis and an enlarged liver. He knew was just steps away from losing his life.

It was during his time in treatment that the idea of Legacy Village was born: a vision for an accessible, affordable place where people received quality treatment, assistance and sober living. A full circle of recovery-related services that can support the individual and foster a real community-feeling among the clients and alumni.

After leaving the state of California, Legacy become his primary professional pursuit. Over the past two years, Legacy Village has developed into the example of treatment and recovery services available today. Today, Mr. Farmer is remarried and with his wife, Erica they are proud to actively participate in life, including with his son, daughter and two step-daughters – a prospect unthinkable during the grips of addiction.

Dennis Farmer, CEO

Denny R. Moss
Clinical Director

Denny Moss has over 30 years of experience in the Recovery Movement – along the way attaining a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara in 1997. His varied life and work experiences have presented him with opportunities from working as a professional trumpet player to a stint in the United States Navy to working as a counselor and therapist in a wide variety of settings and levels of responsibility, including private practice. Denny believes that our primary purpose in life is to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be - regardless of our starting point. At Legacy Village, Denny works as a Clinical Director overseeing the clinical program and providing supervision to counselors and psychotherapists, as well working with individuals, couples, and families in our treatment programs. He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness Training to help clients overcome addiction by finding a healthy balance between body, mind, emotion, and Spirit. This allows for success in relationships, work – self-empowerment – and the opportunity to live a life full of hope, meaning, and purpose.