BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The first major storm of the season hit Kern County Monday night.

On California Avenue Tuesday morning, video shows the wind has wreaked havoc through Downtown Bakersfield Monday night.

With any storm like this, drivers are at special risk this morning. Monday, Caltrans warned drivers crossing the Tejon Pass to be prepared for road closures and wet conditions. With heavy rain and snow projected for parts of Kern County Tuesday, experts urge drivers to slow down and keep their eyes open.

“You never want to be out there driving in wet weather if you’re drowsy or distracted or upset about something. Your number one focus needs to be on the road ahead and getting to and from your destination safely,” said Doug Shupe, AAA public information officer.

There has been flooding from heavy rains as recently as a few weeks ago in Kern County. Shupe said never drive over a flooded area, as there’s no way to tell what hazards might lie beneath that water.

In any storm with high winds and heavy rainfall, one of the biggest concerns is downed power lines. PG&E yesterday reminding customers what to do if they see a downed line.

Always assume any downed power line is live and extremely dangerous. Avoid wet areas near the line, don’t touch it, and call 911. We’ve also seen flooding after heavy rains here in Kern County this year. People in their homes and out on the road this morning should be aware of how much water is in their area.

“Never drive over flooded areas. Turn around don’t drown. It’s a common saying but it really does matter and you should really follow that advice. You really don’t know if the road that is covered is washed out or if there is a pothole,” Shupe said.

For those on foot, Southern California Edison warns it doesn’t take much running water — less than a foot — to knock a person down.