UPDATE: The burn scar advisory has been lifted as of Monday afternoon, according to the Kern County Fire Department.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Kern County Fire Department warned mountain communities of the higher probability of mudslides in areas of soil instability on Saturday.

Due to the upcoming rain that is expected in areas of Kern County, the mountain communities that have been affected by recent wildfires are at much higher risk for mudslides and flash floods. These areas are called ‘burn scars’ — land that has recently burned down from wildfires and does not absorb the precipitation as it would when grown.

The Kern County Fire Department says the following communities are advised to be on alert for possible soil instability:

Frazier Park, Lebec, & Grapevine (KRN Zones: 527, 529, 531, 533, 535, 541, 565)

Tehachapi & Hart Flat (KRN Zones: 101, 115, 177)

Piute (KRN Zones: 740, 741, 738)

Lake Isabella (KRN Zones: 705, 707-713, 718-725, 727, 728)

Owen’s Peak (KRN Zone 801)

Residents are encouraged to sign up for emergency notifications on the Kern Emergencies website.