BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A dense fog advisory was in effect Monday until 12 p.m. with visibility in some areas of Highway 99 of 500 feet or less.

Highs in Bakersfield Monday will reach 52 degrees with highs in Tehachapi reaching about 48 degrees.

The national weather service predicts the coming storm will pick up later Wednesday into Thursday, bringing roughly .5 inches of rain to the valley and 1 inch of snow to the mountains.

The snow levels will drop from 7,000 feet on Wednesday to about 3,000 feet on Friday.

Christmas eve has a 60 percent chance of small showers, while Bakersfield will have a 50 percent chance of light showers of Christmas Day. Fog could be an issue of the roads overnight.

Recent storms have had a major impact on our state’s snow pack.

State water officials say snow pack levels have surged to 98 percent of normal. That’s up from just 19 percent back on Dec. 10. Overall, snow pack accounts for about one third of the state’s water supply.