GOP breaking from Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Republicans in Congress are breaking from President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria. As they fear the move will only strengthen ISIS’s footprint in the region.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio fears the move will embolden ISIS and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who is normally one of the Presidents’ biggest allies called the Presidents’ decision a quote “shot in the arm to the bad guys.”

But Peter Juul with the liberal Center for American Progress says President Trump isn’t likely to change his mind.

“There are fewer people to push back on his decisions in his administration,” Juul said.

Juul said the fight against ISIS isn’t over and agrees with some lawmakers that the withdrawal of US forces will only strengthen the terror group.

“If we leave and the Turks invade, it’s almost 100% it’s almost close to a sure thing,” Juul said.

Protestors are calling on President Trump to stop the Turkish military from invading Northeast Syria while those that support the Presidents’ decision say it is time to bring American troops home.

Noah Wall with the conservative Freedom Works said he believes America already accomplished what they came to do- and shouldn’t pay the high cost of keeping up the fight.

“We cannot afford these foreign interventions that we’ve been finding ourselves in,” Wall said.

It’s unclear if and when roughly all 1,000 U.S. forces in Northeastern Syria will leave but some are already on the move.

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