NEXSTAR (WASHINGTON) — Former President Trump’s tax returns are about to become public after years of controversy surrounding them. 

The House Ways and Means Committee voted on Tuesday night to release the documents, along with a report that accuses the IRS of failing to audit Trump correctly.

Republicans, led by ranking minority Congressman Kevin Brady, objected to the release. 

“Regrettably the deed is done,” Brady said.

Democratic Congressman Jimmy Gomez says he voted to release the returns because he believes in transparency.

“It is Congress’s responsibility and duty to be a check on the presidency,” Gomez said. 

It’s expected to be a few days until the public can actually see the returns because the committee is redacting sensitive personal information. 

In the meantime, the committee released a summary report showing that in multiple years, Trump claimed millions of dollars in losses that reduced the amount of taxes he had to pay, sometimes all the way to zero. 

“There were so many red flags that there should have been a deeper dive and there wasn’t,” Gomez said. 

The committee report also claims the IRS failed to properly audit Trump’s taxes while in office, which is mandatory with any President. 

Congresswoman Judy Chu said that revelation was shocking. 

“There is something clearly wrong here. The American people have a right to know about this alarming state of noncompliance,” Chu said. 

Republicans argue that releasing Trump’s returns sets a bad precedent and violates his personal privacy. 

“The Democrats on the ways and means committee have unleashed a dangerous new political weapon,” Brady said.

Democrats say their goal is to ensure the laws and tax system are equally applied to all. Now they’re trying to pass legislation to strengthen the mandatory presidential audit system for the future.