Mike Hay and his daughter Kendra joined 17 News at Sunrise to share their personal experience with the Lauren Small Children’s Center and Children’s Miracle Network.

It was a warm July afternoon in 2005. Hay and Kendra went out to ride their horse Magnum. But on the way back to the corral, there was trouble.

Magnum was spooked by another horse and Kendra fell off. She suffered a head injury and a cracked skull. Children’s hospital in Fresno couldn’t take her and the race against the clock began.

That’s when Bakersfield neurosurgeon Majid Rahimifar stepped in.

Even though there was no pediatric intensive care unit at that time, doctors and nurses improvised and circled the wagons around Kendra. Dr. Rahimifar removed the blood clot and stopped the bleeding. Hay and his wife, Laurie, learned that day how important it is to have a hospital that specializes in pediatric care here at home. Their experience was so impactful, Hay has been on the board of CMN locally ever since.

Inspired by her experience, Kendra is now pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in nursing with the goal of becoming a pediatric nurse.