BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – All the polls will close at 8pm on election day. Before then – you can either go in person to drop off your ballot or vote at the polls. If you really want to wait until the last minute- you can also mail your ballot tomorrow.

But there are a few deadlines you need to know. All mailed in ballots in California will be counted as long as they’re postmarked by November 3rd. How can you meet that cut off? One option is to go to any post office and hand your ballot to an employee. That’ll ensure your envelope is postmarked on the same day.

Make sure you look up the opening hours, and plan ahead, because you could end up waiting in a long line. There are also collection boxes near each post office. If you drop off your ballot at one of those boxes tomorrow, you’ll have to do it before the last pickup time. You can find that time on the front of the box, under the drop off slot.

These times will vary depending on where you go. Some drop boxes have cut off times at 2pm. As long as your ballot is dropped off before then, it will be postmarked on November 3rd and counted at the elections office. Although mail from bakersfield usually is sorted at a facility in Santa Clarita … but ballots will be separated from the rest of the mail and sorted in house at the local post offices.

Regardless of where it’s sorted, your ballot will be postmarked on November 3rd if it is dropped off before cut off time. But the sorting location may impact how long it takes for your ballot to arrive at the elections office in downtown Bakersfield.

If you do mail or drop off your ballot tomorrow- it has until November 20th to arrive at the elections office for processing. Here’s where you can find your local post office. Here’s where you can find your polling place on election day.