Together Inspired: A3 Bakersfield

Together Inspired

KGET is teaming up with Adventist Health Bakersfield to highlight the many inspiring stories in our community.

Lives are transformed every day by people in our community who care, taking action to better the lives of others.

It’s a new series called “Together Inspiried” and the first nominee is A3 Bakersfield, a gym providing more than a place to workout for people in our community.

“We want to be an all encompassing gym,” said Ryan Beckwith, Owner, A3 Bakersfield.

It can be intimidating, working out in a gym full of machines and perfectly sculpted bodies.

That’s where A3 comes into play, a gym based on inspiration and education, looking to eliminate your fitness fears.

“I think fitness in itself is confusing. Fitness, nutrition, the whole thing is confusing and going to a place where you can just learn and not feel intimidated and not feel like people are going to pressure you too hard is really what it’s all about,” Beckwith said.

It’s not your traditional gym.

There’s no machines or a-typical workout gear.

Everything is guided by a coach and everyone is welcome here.

“One of our passions is inclusion so we want to make sure that our athletes can workout side by side and there’s no difference and everyone is welcome here,” said Kalli Beckwith, Non-profit Director, A3 Bakersfield.

When Ryan Beckwith opened the gym, he also launched a non-profit with the goal of providing fitness opportunities to young athletes, veterans and athletes with special needs.

Seeking to help those unable to afford gym memberships or training, or those insecure or nervous about stepping into a traditional gym.

“Our slogan is more than a gym because we are doing so much more than just having people come and workout,” Kalli Beckwith said.

A3 encourages healthy living through exercise, clean eating and education.

Encourages is the key word there because when it really comes down to it, encouragement, support, family, that’s what the gym is all about.

“Just being well physically, mentally everything starts falling into place and these guys really encourage us to do that,” said Gordon Galindo, Marine Corp Veteran.

“It’s crazy because I would never think I would be able to play like college sports cause like I was always doubted, but you have people around you that care and people that’s here for you,” said Jaydn Ervin, headed to Fresno State to play football in the Fall.

A3 Bakersfield partners with the Special Olympics as well as other local non-profits.

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