Together Inspired: A walking example

Together Inspired

He’s a walking example.

Matt Olejnik, a P.E. teacher at Bakersfield High School, is logging miles to set an example for his students.

Olejnik teaches students to live healthy lives, something he says he wasn’t doing.

He decided to talk the talk and walk the walk for himself and his students.

“You can get weight off just walking,” said Olejnik

Around 4:30 every morning you can find Olejnik walking around the track at BHS.

Step by step, mile by mile and day by day he’s improving his health and setting an example.

“I just want them to know that we are you can be sore, you can be heavy, you can be whatever, but you can you can walk and it gets easier as you go,” Olejnik said.

Olejnik has walked 7 to 9 miles every day for roughly the past four months.

He began his journey weighing in at 305 pounds.

He’s lost roughly 65 pounds.

“I still have a long way to go. I’m still trying to get another you know 40 or so off, but it took me 56 years to get where I was and it’s been 100 days so I can take another 100 days and see if I can get to a better weight,” Olejnik said.

He’s walking the walk and everyone is noticing.

(ben sherley – principal bhs)
ben sherley: “i think as a teacher in general that something while we striving to do is to make them make an impact on students lives and this is something that mr. olejnick has done and continues to do and i think students see that and reap benefits now and long past when we are here.”

“Anytime you can make a difference in someone’s life for the positive is worth it,” Olejnik said.

For those of you reading this…

“Stay healthy. You know, when I get up and walk or move, I take one step at a time. Just get a get up one step at a time and then it becomes two, then three, then a mile or two miles and the next thing you know you’re walking and enjoying of the morning,” Olejnik said.

Olejnik said another great perk of getting up early to log miles, he gets to watch the sunrise.

He called it a beautiful way to start the day.

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