Together Inspired: A Solar Blessing

Together Inspired

KGET is teaming up with Adventist Health Bakersfield to highlight the many inspiring stories in our community.

Lives are transformed every day by people in our community who care, taking action to better the lives of others.

A local solar company did just that to help a single mother in her late 70’s, forced to work to pay her power bill every month.

Lift Energy surprised 79-year-old Hortencia Prendez, Ardy as she’s called, with a check for $15,000 on Wednesday.

Ardy’s husband was killed 60 years ago during a robbery at a small grocery store the couple owned in east Bakersfield.

At the time, the couple had a 9-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter.

The couple had also bought a home, the home Ardy lives in today.

She worked tirelesy all these years to keep the home, but when employees at Lift Energy found out she was paying upwards of $1,200 a month on power, the company stepped in.

“The only reason that I think that we’ve survived like we have is because of the good Lord above us. He has taken care of us and I’ve had to work, but I’ve always enjoyed my work. God has gotten us this far and he’s not going to leave us,” said Ardy Prendez.

“It kind of breaks your heart that at her age and her background she’s still working and trying to pay her power bill. Paying a $1,200 power bill in the summer, to know thats a stress that she has. If we can give back to someone who really needs it, that’s pretty cool,” said Mike Hayes, Lift Energy.

Ardy’s roof couldn’t hold a new solar system so Lift Energy announced they will replace her roof free of charge, as well as install a new solar system.

Ardy called the company and their kindness a blessing.

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