GG the warrior: 11 year old raises awareness about leukemia

Together Inspired

An 11-year-old girl at the Kern County Fair is showing more than livestock. 

She’s showing everyone what it means to be a fighter.

There’s no place Gisselle Guerrero would rather be than in this sheep barn at the Kern County Fair with her lamb, she calls Cow. 

“l love animals and it’s always just been a big part of my life,” said Gisselle Guerrero. 

Known as GG to most, she almost didn’t make it to the Kern County Fair this year. In February she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  

Her first question to her doctor, “can I still show at the Kern County Fair?”

“Just because I’ve always loved animals and animals have been a big part of my life and animals just make me happy,” GG said.

Battling leukemia has weakened GG’s immune system. 

“So I’ve been doing chemo treatments and it’s been really hard,” GG said.

Most children with leukemia have to limit  contact with the public, even dogs,  to avoid exposure to bacteria or viruses.

GiGi was determined to keep Cow. 

“This little girl never gives up,” said Claudia Guerrero, GG’s mother.

She’s a warrior not only for herself, but for other children battling the disease. 

“September is leukemia awareness month for childhood leukemia so she dedicated her board to local kids that have battled or who have lost the battle or are still fighting leukemia,” Claudia Guerrero said.

She’s #GGTheWarrior and as she shows her lamb at the fair, she’s showing us all what it means to be a fighter. 

“It’s just the way she’s always been not just because she was diagnosed with this, but she’s always been that go getter, never give up and it might knock her down but she’ll get back up,” Claudia Guerrero said.

“Just do what you love because it’ll make you feel better.  Just keep you going,” GG said.

You can follow GG on Instagram, just search #GGTheWarrior 

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