Summer Fun on Sunrise: Practice a magic trick at home

Sunrise Interviews

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Chris Lopez, a local magician, joined 17 News for Summer Fun on Sunrise. To recreate the trick he did on air, see materials and instructions below.


  • Two tissues


  1. Take one tissue and roll it up in a ball.
  2. Put that tissue in the palm of one of your hands. Make sure it is hidden.
  3. Take the other tissue and tell your audience it is indestructible. Start to rip the tissue as you say this. Have fun with this step.
  4. Then roll the tissue into a ball and place it in the same hand that you have the hidden tissue. Be sure that you cannot see the other tissue.
  5. Say a magic word into the hand where the tissues are.
  6. Take the tissue that is still whole from the same hand.
  7. Roll it out and show that it has been put back together.
  8. To get rid of the other tissue, gently roll it back together with the whole tissue.

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