Thumbs Up Cancer Down: the story, the bags, and ways you can help

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to a familiar face, KGET’s very own Kevin Charrette about his organization, Thumbs Up Cancer Down.

TUCD helps create bags for cancer patients in the community. The bags are created to help patients through their chemo process, each bag is filled with a blanket, beanie, notebook, pen, phone charger, and sanitizer. Typically TUCD has anywhere from 200- 500 bags ready for distribution, but the pandemic drastically affected TUCD’s fundraising efforts during the past two years. Charette says this has impacted their ability to make new bags for patients.

Thumbs Up Cancer Down distributes bags across the county, not just to one specific cancer center, which is why getting more bags prepared is crucial. “We are down to our last 25 bags,” said Charette, because of this TUCD is asking for help from the community.

Thumbs Up Cancer Down has launched a new fundraiser, all you need to do is can text to donate. Text TUCD to 243725 to donate directly to the cause, the bags are handed out to all treatment facilities at no cost to them. This year Charette’s goal for TUCD is to fund 500 new bags.

For more information on TUCD visit their website.

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