The importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the USA

Studio 17 Live

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to local attorney H.A. Sala about the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States of America.

H.A. Sala came here as an immigrant when he was just four years old, but remembers being taught the importance of hard work, respect and education. He used these values to help mold him into the successful attorney he is today.

Sala is part of the 5% of Hispanics that make up all attorneys in the U.S. but he says every day people make the difference in our country and community “I think you can see it all around, it’s not only people that have notoriety or celebrity, it’s the moms, it’s the dads in our community…” Sala says. “… These are hard-working people, they are servicemen and women that have sacrificed their lives and have served in Iraq in Afghanistan to protect our nation, that’s what Hispanic Heritage Month is about.”

Sala says you can celebrate and learn more about Hispanic Heritage by getting to know people of Hispanic Heritage; getting to know their culture, reading books, and learning Spanish are all great examples of ways to immerse yourself in the culture. Hispanic Heritage Month continues through October 15.

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