The holiday season is hiring season according to Cazador Consulting Group

Studio 17 Live

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Lizette from Cazador Consulting Group about the current job market.

This year brought “The Great Resignation” where more than 4.4 million individuals left their jobs; now, hiring employees is the focus. Lizette says people are getting ready to return to the office and companies are gearing back up, meaning talent is going quick. One issue Cazador Consulting Group sees is clients are procrastinating, hesitating, and dragging out the interview and hiring process. Cazador encourages hiring companies to have the correct conversations with candidates about their hiring timeline.

With so many people leaving old jobs, a lot of candidates have unique or specific skillsets. Cazador helps clients create a pitch and proposal to better market themselves and their unique attributes to potential employers.

For more information on Cazador Consulting Group, reach out to them by phone at 877-800-4622 or visit their website.

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