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Studio 17’s Rachel Ziegler talks to Ryan Glowniak, regional sales manager of the Good Feet Store about how the solution to back, hip, or knee pain could be your arch support.

Proper arch supports can help with a lot more than just foot pain. your feet are your foundation, and if your foundation is off it can affect the rest of your body. The Good Feet Store helps improve foot alignment, then it works up the kinetic chain which will help relieve knee, hip, and back pain.

At the Good Feet Store, they focus on getting every customer proper arch support through a free fitting and test walk at the store. “It’s a very personalized experience with a specialist that will sit down with them and really figure out their needs,” said Glowniak.

All this talk about arches may have you believing The Good Feet Store is a shoe store but they are not, they can fit the arch support into any type of shoe you wear on a daily basis, including heels and sandals. For more information visit their website or walk in and visit them in person at the Riverwalk.