Studio 17’s Ilyana talks to Personal Trainer, Mark Durando from Superhero Fit about how his training skills encompass health and fitness at the same time. With 2022 in full swing one way to help accomplish your fitness goals is to work out with a personal trainer that helps hold you accountable.

Durando is a certified personal trainer but has a medical background as a former EMT. He uses this skill set to help clients reach their full potential. He says he works directly with a medical provider’s plan and goals for their patients to try to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

It’s not just about losing weight with Superhero Fit, he works with everyday clients who are trying to get fit but also with clients who are recovering from strokes, heart attacks, and other medical conditions. Because of his EMT background, he’s able to help clients that otherwise may not ever step foot in a gym, he helps them take their first step in their fitness journey, literally and figuratively.

For more information on Superhero Fit call 661-808-4061 or check them out on Instagram.