Presented by The Kern Literacy Council

The Kern Literacy Council provides free tutoring in basic adult education (reading, writing, and math), citizenship test preparation, GED/High School completion, English as a second language as well as career soft skill training and community publishing.

A student of the program, Norman Farrell Brown is now an author of the book “Still Moving On” and is in studio to share story and journey through the literacy council.

Take a peek at the back of Brown’s book below:

If you want to make a change in your life, remember one thing: YOU CAN STILL MOVE ON

He was born Norman Farrell Brown. The road he traveled from his youth into his adult years was plagued with unimaginable challenges: 24 homes and 19 schools by age 16, a mostly absent Dad, three stepfathers, an abusive household, homelessness, substance abuse, suicide attempts, a string of failed relationships, and run-ins with the law. All the while, Norman kept a secret buried deep inside him: he couldn’t read or write.

How would he turn his life around? What could he do to reverse an increasingly dangerous downward cycle? How could he find–and stay–on the right path against impossible odds that would make many people give up and give in? After thinking on this for 120 days in the Lerdo Jail, he decided his best chance to move forward was the ability to stay clean and sober, get a better job, and take on more responsibility.

Written as an open letter to all those facing big obstacles, Brown shares his journey of getting off hard drugs, learning to read, being self-employed, serving as president of the Model T Club of Kern County, and now the author of this deeply moving memoir. “Still Moving On” is a profound look at courage, chronicling the perseverance of one man to rise above dysfunctional family dynamics and societal expectations to face his inner fears head on. Readers from all walks of life will be reminded that we all have an innate desire for goodness and the power to create second chances. Brown’s book, then, is a celebration of humanity’s spirit. In this true story, we feel the hope that the secret to moving on in life lives inside each of us.

You can download a copy of “Still Moving On” here.