If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat and challenging workout, then Rush Cycle may be the workout studio you’ve been looking for.

Rush Cycle opened in Northwest Bakersfield at the beginning of the year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed them down. They are making their customers and staff’s health and safety a priority.

“Especially right now when you come into Rush Cycle for the very first time, we are going to temperature check you at the door,” said Tori Bennet, Studio Manager of Rush Cycle. “We are really kind of considering our lobby a safe zone area. Just because we have such a high cardio workout, we just can’t wear masks when we’re working out, so we really want our members to feel safe in our lobby area.”

Spinning will not only work out your legs, but according to Bennet, you’ll be getting a total body workout. The high intensity, 45 minute ride is a form of cardio that helps engage your entire body through sitting, standing and push-and-pull movements.

“It’s a total body workout so we ride to the beat of the music in the class. Our instructors are so much fun, really high energy and they will walk you through different cardio, we have an arms section, so it’s just a really great high intensity workout,” said Bennet.

Spinning might sound intimidating, but the good news is that you don’t need to be a professional.

“That dark room really makes you feel comfortable and safe and our instructors are so amazing, really embodying every single person that is in that room,” said Bennet.

Rush offers to first time clients a free class to try spinning and they are practicing social distancing measures. For more on their studio visit RushCycle.com

“You won’t be able to understand it, so absolutely come try it out, even if you’re scared, you’ll walk away feeling really empowered,” said Bennet.