Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan took a trip to Shafter to find out all the hype behind La Carne Meat Market.

This modern-day meat market just recently opened up in Shafter and blends traditional and contemporary carnicería styles together to form a unique experience for customers. Owner, Hugo Garcia says they are different from other meat markets because of their availability of specialty meats. “We’re one of the only meat markets that carry USDA prime choice, and we also carry a five Japanese Wagyu,” said Garcia.

La Carne has a team of butchers led by Head Butcher Braulio Navaro, ready to help you pick out the perfect cut of meat and educate you on your choice. This is all part of their efforts to make La Carne a modern-day, trendy experience.

To learn more, call  (661)-746-7202 or click here.