New year, new opportunities: Local staffing agencies merge together

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The holiday season is all about new beginnings and Lizette Patterson, CEO of Cazador Consulting Group, and Jackie Flesher, owner of ProSearch Services are doing just that with a merging of their companies.

As of Dec. 6th, the two companies have officially merged together as one. Flesher says this is a step closer to her goal of retirement. “I was wanting to retire but needed to find someone that encompassed
what I believed in and would take care of my clients and candidates. I heard Lizette’s name a few times
and did some research and decided to give her a call,” said Flesher.

Although the merger offer came as a surprise to Patterson, she is thrilled to have this opportunity and sees it as a great opportunity to expand Cazador Consulting Group. “I see us giving back a lot more to the community, I see us with a minimum of five branches throughout the western United States…We will be making an impact and by being one of the top 20 staffing agencies in the US,” said Patterson.

For more information on Cazador Consulting Group, visit their website or give them a call at (877)-800-4622

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