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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellon meets Christy Vasquez, the winner of our “Mommy Makeover” sweepstakes.

Vasquez was nominated by her daughter Malana who said, “She is always putting herself before anyone else, and she’s always caring and always wanting to do something for others.”

Being a mother has always been extremely important to Vasquez; having struggled with fertility issues throughout her life has made her relationship with her four children even more special.

In addition to having four kids of her own, Vasquez is a foster mom and has cared for several children over the past few years. “It started off with fostering kittens and dogs and how she has babies and kids,” said Malana.

When asked about her style and go-to looks, Vasquez said she “gets ready in like ten seconds.” Becca Bland, Director of Marketing at the Outlets at Tejon, worked with Vasquez to find her the perfect outfit from Kate Spade that would be beautiful and buildable.

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