Mom and Pop Shop Association: Giving small businesses the voice and the support they need

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to the Founder of the Mom & Pop Association, Adan Garay. The Mom and Pop Association is a nonprofit membership organization that contributes to the longevity of moms and pop shops through promotion, resources, and advocacy.

MAPA helps get the word out there about small businesses with 20 employees or less. “We offer promotional opportunities for our members through an exclusive directory map and online store that is focused on consumers,” said Garay. What makes this non-profit unique is that they are the only membership nonprofit that focuses on ensuring their small business members earn a return on their investment.

Because we live in such a big box society MAPA has a call to action to share with the community, “If we all unite, we can give the market share back to mom and pop shops. So we ask you to help us spread the word, become a member, and donate to our campaign today.”

To get more information visit their website, or call 661-378-1207.

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