Hosting this Thanksgiving? Turkey isn’t all you should be worried about

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Daniel Geoulla from B&D Law Group, APLC about how to prepare for hosting family and friends this holiday season.

As a host, you could potentially be at fault for injuries that occur at your holiday party. Geoulla says that any time you have a large gathering of people and with alcohol consumption involved, the possibility of injuries grows exponentially.

B&D Law Group APLC has a few tips for hosts to be aware of to help avoid any accidents this Thanksgiving:
• Start by doing a quick walk-through and looking for potential hazards. “I say start with the things you already know are a problem,” said Geoulla. “Everyone has something around their home where they themselves have probably tripped over or hurt themself on, which can present an even bigger risk to guests that don’t know about the problem.”
• A common thing to look for are things like step-down living rooms where someone might not notice the step and fall or trip on. “You may want to get bright masking tape and mark the edge of the steps. They make some for painters that are bright colors and don’t damage the finish or leave residue behind, said Geoulla. “Also if you have a floor mat or area rug that is lifting and presents a tripping hazard, you may want to consider replacing it or at least taping it down or something.”
• If you are having kids over as guests, then you want to also pay attention to things that can present a hazard to younger kids. Think low objects that are within reach and can pose a danger to children and things that can present choking hazards to young kids.
• Take a look at leaks and other issues to make sure there is no water on the ground, where people can slip.
• If you have a dog or pet, you may want to make sure they are comfortable with guests around because you don’t want to risk a situation where they bite someone.

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