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Studio 17’s Guest Host, Kait Hill talks to Steve Hughes with Holder’s AC to announce the winner of Veteran’s Salute.

Hughes says, “Holder’s Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to be Veteran Owned company, and to support local veterans. When this opportunity came up for the veteran’s salute is really was easy for us to support it. This contest allows us to honor our local veterans and give away a small token of our appreciation. The winners will receive two services on their heating and cooling system. Each service will be about six months apart. We call it our premium customer package, and we are excited to give away our first one of the year.”

The winner of Veteran’s Salute is, Christopher Minton.

Hughes reads the letter of Christopher Minton, “I was born in Bakersfield in 1979 and adopted by my wonderful parents in Tehachapi Steve and Lora Minton in 1981. I moved back to Bakersfield in 1998 and joined the Navy in 2001.  I married my beautiful wife Rita in 2009 here in Bakersfield and plan to live the rest of my days here. I am currently stationed in China Lake in Ridgecrest.  I am retiring from the Navy on October 31st and am very excited to spend time with my wife Rita and kids Mimi, Desiree, Paradise, Memo, Alyssa, Alfred and Robert.”

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