Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Rosco and Sara Rolnick with Guarantee Shoe Center about the long-standing legacy their show store has had in Bakersfield. Guarantee Shoe Center is a sponsor of KGET’s 17 Days of Christmas and you can enter now on our website for your chance to win great prizes during this sweepstakes! Each weekday from Dec. 3 through Dec. 17, a winner will be selected for that day’s prize.

The Rolnicks have owned Guarantee Shoe Center for 68 years; the family is a staple to the community and gives back each year with the Shoes for the Homeless program. The Rolnicks even supported our community live on our show today by donating $200 to the Children’s Miracle Network Day of Giving!

To learn more and to check out the best deals on shoes this holiday season, call (661)-325-8751 or click here.