Studio 17’s Rachel Ziegler talks to Justin Lee, local business owner of RJay’s Liquidation to learn more about his business and what inspired him to start.

Lee shares, “After over 20 years in retail and grocery, I realized I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to build my own empire and control my own destiny. I purchased a pallet of merchandise and resold the product from my garage. I immediately saw the positive potential to succeed. Not only for me but for others as well. After going through the pandemic in grocery and seeing just how people were struggling, I realized the potential of liquidated merchandise as a positive means to survival for anyone with a desire to succeed. It’s the “Rjays Experience” that keeps our customers coming back. We offer friendly and helpful service And That does not cost a penny.”

RJay’s Liquidation warehouse is open Thursday through Saturday 11 am-5 pm and by appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday to shop and pick up products.

For more information visit 4300 Ashe Road Suite #114 or call (661)368-4553.