Dream big Mija Art Show: Highlighting women in art and music

Studio 17 Live

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Stephanie Solis and Pablo Garcia about their upcoming art show for women and about women in art and graffiti.

661 All-Inclusive Entertainment is partnering up with Nano’s Barbershop to put together this art show that is open to the public and family-friendly. The event is taking place this Saturday, Jan. 15, doors open at 5 P.M and the show goes until 10 P.M. There will be music and art including special performances by Nani Soul.

The overall goal of this art show is to inspire not only women but men as well to support one another. Dream Big Mija showcases women as artists thriving in a male-dominated sector. Solis says “I want women to know they can do the same thing men can do, if not better!”

Tickets for this event are available through Eventbright.com, pre-sale tickets are $15 available through Friday, and tickets at the door will be $20. Any child under 12 years of age will be free.

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