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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Nicole Gitzke with the Bakersfield Animal Care Center, to learn more about Rufus, the pet of the week.

Rufus is referred to as a pocket pitbull because of his small size and short and stocky stature.

Bakersfield Animal Care Center is completely at capacity; with the shelter holding 225 dogs, they are at their breaking point and desperately need to find homes for these dogs.

“Many of these pups have been here 50+ days and have had zero interest. They’re great dogs but we cannot hold onto every dog forever. We wish we could, but our overcrowded and over-populated,” said Gitzke.

A new month means a new adoption special — all dogs and cats will have a $10 adoption fee. If you would like to adopt or foster one of their many large breed dogs, please reach out to the Animal Care Center by calling 661-832-7387(PETS).