Bakersfield Family Medical Center and Heritage Physician Network helping KC prepare for the new year

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Laurie Howlett with the Bakersfield Family Medical Center and Heritage Physician Network about medical coverage for the upcoming year.

BFMC/HPN is a managed care medical group that has been serving Kern County since 1984. “We promote wellness and preventative care,” said Howlett. Right now is a crucial time for Medicare patients to ensure their wellness and preventative care, this is the one time of the year when people on Medicare can check what new plans and benefits are available for the new year and make changes. “If you find a plan that is a better fit than what you have now, then you can switch, drop or add a Medicare Advantage plan,” said Howlett. “Seniors should check their Annual Notice of Change to make sure they are aware of any changes to their current Medicare Advantage plan.”

While BFMC and HPN take health care seriously they’ve found a way to make it fun for the senior community. They organize a drive through Coffee Club and arts & crafts events for seniors in their parking lot at the corner of California and Easton Drive, four times a month. “They never leave their car, we all wear masks and it’s been a fast, fun, and safe event for our senior members,” said Howlett. “Just this morning over 100 seniors picked up a craft activity to take home!”

For more info on BFMC reach out to them online or call (661) 846-4662.

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