Are you in a healthy relationship? Debunking relationship taboos

Studio 17 Live

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Relationship Coach, Daphna Levy about some common relationship questions.

The holidays can bring about a lot of stress and tension including within relationships, which can cause unnecessary arguing. Levy says Arguing is not healthy in a relationship. In an argument, Levy says each person is trying to convince the other person that they are wrong and that the other is right. “That’s a losing battle,” said Levy, instead, couples should be aiming for discussions.

Throughout the year’s lots of people have come out and admitted the key to their successful relationship is sleeping in separate rooms. Levy says, sleeping separately could work for some but warns, if you are not in good communication with each other and if you aren’t taking the time to spend intimate time with one another, this could impact your relationship negatively.

For more relationship or life advice reach out to Daphna Levy on her website or call 661-374-3790.

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