ADAKC: Overcoming the pandemic and serving the Alzheimer’s community of Kern

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Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talks to Janelle Capra from the ADAKC about how they are pushing forward after reopening their doors in November of 2020.

The ADAKC Day Program is back in action. “We are licensed for more than 100 per day, right now we are averaging between 25-30, which is great,” Capra said. “Prior to COVID we got to about 55, so we are making our strides back there”.

ADAKC is offering a special way to honor a loved one with a gift in the Memory Garden. Just text “ADAKC” to 41444 to choose your gift level. Your donation will serve as a lasting legacy for years to come, and the funds go directly to helping the Kern County community.

ADAKC is open Monday through Friday 8-5, for more information on their day program and more, click here.

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