Sponsored Content by Fresco Meat Market and Bakery.

Studio 17’s Rachel Ziegler, talks to Sergio Aguilar, owner of Fresco Meat Market and Bakery about what makes the mini-market so unique and an amazing special for Studio 17 Live viewers.

Fresco Meat market and Bakery is your one-stop shop, they have everything from a meat counter to produce, and an in-house bakery with sweets for everyone to enjoy. “We call it a mini supermarket because we have a little bit of everything and it’s easy and convenient,” said Aguilar.

The first ten customers to visit Fresco Meat Market and Bakery today and mention they saw Studio 17 Live and say “Fresco Meat Market and Bakery is a Mini Super Market” will receive $50 of groceries free when they purchase $50.

For more information call 661-444-1401, or walk in and experience the mini market for yourself at 1401 California Ave., Bakersfield.