Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan visits Rush Cycle in Bakersfield for the spin class of a lifetime. Abbi Bowser is the owner of Rush Cycle Bakersfield and has been an avid rider since she tried her first Rush Cycle class in San Diego, this inspired her and her husband to open up a studio here locally.

Rush Cycle is a 45-minute indoor full-body spin workout, but they refer to it more as a bicycle dance party with free weights.

The entire month of January Rush Cycle will be offering discounted memberships for all new members. They will also be having a free introductory to Rush Cycle class in January, this class is a class specifically for only first and second-class riders and goes over the basic concepts of a Rush Ride. If you are nervous about trying it, we highly recommend it.ADVERTISING

For more information call 661-429-3206, visit them in person at 2765 Calloway Drive Suite 104, or online, or check out their social media for more encouragement to sign up!