Check out what’s being dubbed the most expensive stadium project in the history of the United States.

Welcome to LA Stadium at Hollywood Park — the future home of the Rams and the Chargers. 

With a price tag of $4 billion, you may be wondering what exactly is included in that bill. 

Let’s consider that this is the world’s first indoor-outdoor stadium. 

“While you have a roof that brings in clear sunlight, natural air, there are no walls on the stadium. You’re not gonna feel like you’re in a dome. You’re gonna feel like you’re on a giant patio,” said Rams’ Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff. 

“Essentially, you’re sitting outside, you’re watching a game, you’re covered in case it rains or there is additional sun,” he added. 

Great news — protection from inclement weather like snow and freezing temperatures — oh wait, it’s Los Angeles. Don’t have to deal with that! 

You can also expect some top-of-the-line views. 

Whether you’re sitting in the upper deck, the lower deck, the end zones, or standing on field — the views are top notch. 

“Being around and seeing the ocean on some of the viewing platforms from level 7 or whether you walk in through a club and you’re starting at the space. I think it gives people a great sense of the magnitude,” Demoff said.

After all, it’s all about the experience. 

“The VR shows you how wonderful it will be but it’s somewhat antiseptic when you look around and say ‘it’s great to see my seats, they look wonderful.’ But when you’re sitting next to that Rams fan wearing the Goff jersey, the guy on the other side is wearing a Donald jersey… that’s what’s gonna bring it… when you turn around and high-five them after we score.”

LA Stadium at Hollywood Park is a little more than 60 percent complete. 

It is on schedule to open next summer. 

And don’t forget that just two years later in 2022, it will be the host of Super Bowl 56.