HENDERSON, Nev.--The Las Vegas Raiders are (5-6) preparing to host the Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

We will answer some of the questions and e-mails from Raider Nation as we look ahead to this monster divisional game.

Hondo, when the Raiders upset the Chiefs this weekend, I think Mark Davis should walk in and bring an actual Cuban cigar roller into the locker room and celebrate. How great would that be? Julie L.

If the Raiders upset the Chiefs this weekend, Mark Davis should walk in and declare that Antonio Pierce is no longer the interim coach; he is the permanent coach.

Hondo, I love it each year when the schedule comes out and you make your predictions.  Every year, except last year, you are very accurate.  You said we would be 5-6 right now, and we are. How do you do that?  Bradley K.

Great question, Bradley.  I think it is staying dialed in on the Raiders, but additionally, talking to people in the know around the NFL, about the other teams.

Hondo, name a player we aren't really discussing right now who has to have a big game this weekend. Melissa W.

Kolton Miller

There is a slight chance that the refs may have missed a holding call here (above) on the Miami Dolphins against Jerry Tiller of the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

Darrell Craig Harris, Raiders Today

Hondo, I love your work, but I am a little bothered that AP is not as polished as a head coach.  Are you?  John B.

No, he is a rookie head coach, and his offensive coordinator is a rookie offensive coordinator with a rookie quarterback.  You have to take all of that into account.  He has impressed me.

Hondo, I love.the direction and fight of this team under HC AP. I do disagree with one point, the QB situation has to change. AOC is a good QB, but he has limitations and they showed. His inability to move around (and you asked him this in the presser), it's a major need in this new NFL. This is the same stuff we dealt with under DC, lack of mobility was his downfall. IMO there a lot of QBs coming that have that as an option, and I just pray we are as aggressive as Houston was last year, look at how well it's working for them. Anyway, God bless safe travels, and appreciate everything you do!  Thanks!  -Joe G.

Thank you.  I don't know anyone saying the AO4 (Aidan O'Connell) is the future.  I don't think you make any changes this season, but we don't know.  We have six games to judge and evaluate him, and that is all.  I have said for years I prefer a QB with some mobility.  I think he can offer some, but here is a question I asked him Sunday, and his answer:

 HONDO. I know you're not a dual-threat guy, but do you need to maybe trust your legs at times to take off and run a little bit? Do you think that would help for not allowing teams to just tee off on you? 

AIDAN O'CONNELL: Yeah, I think I have to probably not be as predictable and, like you said, use my legs a little bit. I think, again, if I do my job better – we hope to just be in better situations and not be in situations where I need to do that. All around, I just have to play better, passing the ball, decision making, all that stuff. 

Respectfully, I have no idea what we disagree on.

Hi Hondo!  Huge fan of your work! You mentioned on the podcast this week what you thought Antonio Pierce had to do to secure the full-time job, but what do you think AOC has to do to be the starter beyond this season?  Go Raiders!  Oscar A.

He shows progression, uses his legs occasionally to get out of pressure, and shows improvement in protecting the football and not hanging on to it too long.

Hondo, you have had the pulse of Davante Adams since you reported a year before he came that he was coming.  Do you think he will be a Raider in 2024?  Nathan C.

I have had the pulse on him and the team, and I thank you for recognizing that.  I laughed this past weekend when "reports" came out that the New York Jets planned to continue to pursue him this offseason.  As you know, I have said that for some time.

I know that he will finish 2023 here.  At this exact moment, there are far too many moving pieces inside the franchise to answer that right now for 2024.  Who is the coach? Are they rebuilding?  What is the vision?  I have to wait for this one; there is no definitive answer.

Hondo, Mark Davis should be ashamed for allowing smoking in the locker room.  It is poor for the player's health, against the law, and a terrible example for our children.  I am outraged.  Michelle F.

Lighten up, Karen, I mean Michelle.  If you are "Outraged" by a group of men having a celebratory cigar, you have a pretty easy life.  I have some things in my life that I am outraged over, and none as non-consequential as that.

Hondo, I love Maxx Crosby, but after he introduced cigars in the locker room, I was disappointed in him.  Beth W.

So, with all of the amazing things Maxx has done and is doing with his life off the football field, his having a cigar make you "disappointed" in him?  I know him, and I am not disappointed in him at all. I hope the people in your life who say they "love you" show you grace and are not as hypercritical of others as you are.

Now, we finish with the much anticipated "Hondo Hate" that we all enjoy.

Hondo, you are a piece of human (excrement), and nothing would make me happier than to read that you choked and died on a turkey leg this Thanksgiving.  Someone sent me the Tweet you had talking about how much fun it was watching the Raiders offense attack.  Such a team mouthpiece.  I literally hate you.  Carlos M.

Really Hondo, you have the audacity to Tweet how much you liked the offense?  I hate you more than bad breath, and I work in the dental field, you looser.  Kelly H.

You are a genius since you said I am a looser. Losing all the weight that I have, makes me feel good that you noticed.  I've lost nearly two hundred pounds, and my wife also complains my clothes are loose?  I was afraid you were going to say I had kooties.  Thanks for not calling me a loser.

Hondo, I need no more evidence that you are Mark Davis's personal schill than your Tweet after the game telling us how much you enjoyed our attacking offense.  You are a terrible human.  God is pushing us for what we did to Derek Carr.  This team with Derek and AP would be 9-2 right now.  You and all your liberal media fake news artists such.  Thomas V. 

First, the Tweet in question came early in the game after the long touchdown to Davante Adams when they were attacking.  Secondly, I am not sure what you mean by we "such" so I will assume that was a nice compliment.

By the way, thanks, everyone.

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The Silver and Black will return home next week to celebrate Thanksgiving and take on their AFC West rival, the Kansas City Chiefs, on Sunday, November. 26, at 4:25 p.m. EST/1:25 p.m. PST.

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