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In this two-part video series, we partnered with CRUNCH to celebrate making valuable memories with professional football player Cordarrelle Patterson, and his mother.

There's nothing quite like the bond between parents and their children and for Cordarrelle, his mother, Catherine, holds the title of Most Valuable Parent. In Episode 1 of this series, we feature Cordarrelle and his mom as they reflect on his football journey. The unwavering support and love of a mother who always believed in her son's potential is on full display in this feel-good story.

MVP Memories celebrates the sacrifices and dedication of parents everywhere, reminding us that no one achieves greatness alone. Check out episode 2 , featuring Cordarrelle and his children, as we focus on the importance of family and passing on a legacy of greatness. Watch here.

CRUNCH has set out to bring people together to level up experiences and memories that will last forever. Make MVP Memories with CRUNCH and enter for a chance to win tickets to the championship game of your choice! More information HERE.