After Charles Barkley made some comments about Kevin Durant during an interview on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, the Suns forward responded via Twitter.

During the interview, Barkley said that Durant was "very sensitive" and added that he's "part of that generation who think they can't be criticized." 

It's not the first time the Hall of Famer has been critical of Durant, who suggested the 60-year-old's constant fault-finding was becoming overplayed.

"This ain’t gettin tiring chuck? I’ll never respect the words that come out ya mouth fam just deal with it," wrote Durant on Twitter in response to Barkley's latest rant.

While Barkley made sure to acknowledge KD's greatness, he once again harped on Durant's ability to accept critique.

Barkley has never shied away from his criticism of the Suns' superstar. 

Back in February, after the Suns acquired the 2013-14 NBA MVP in the blockbuster trade with the Nets, Barkley called Durant "a little baby." Last season, he labeled the 34-year-old a "bus rider" during Brooklyn's playoff exit against the Celtics.

Durant is seemingly growing tired of Barkley's antics, declaring once and for all that he'll never have respect for the opinions of the 11-time All-Star.