BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Las Vegas Raiders are looking for their second win of the season this Sunday when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers for Sunday Night Football.

The Raiders have won two of the three home openers so far in their history as a franchise, since moving to Las Vegas. Jimmy Garoppolo awaits the return of the end zone reception leader from the first game of the season. Jakobi Meyers has a chance to suit up and impact the Raiders’ offense.

Josh McDaniels, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, knows the challenge that a team like Pittsburgh can bring every week. “The Steelers, you know have done it, you know, the right way for a long time, Coach Tomlin, 17 years and never had a losing season,” said McDaniels. “You know, just so much respect for him and the program that he runs there, the way they do things, how they play, how competitive they are.”