BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Liberty is attempting to become the first Bakersfield team since the 2013 BHS Drillers to win a D1 state championship. They get a chance to do it on the road Saturday at Saddleback College.

Liberty (11-2) takes on Serra High School (10-4) in Mission Viejo on Saturday at 4 p.m.

Head coach Bryan NIxon is looking to win his first state championship as head coach, but he knows the spotlight isn’t all on him.

“It’s all about the kids, man. It is what it is. These guys are having a ride of their life and why not, you know, see them celebrate it and finish it right. And that’s the one thing that you’d love to see,” he said.

As much as Nixon’s players want to win the state championship, Liberty quarterback Carson Woods says they want to win it just as much for their head coach.

“He has put so much work and time, into us kids. He’s done so much more than just football for u,” Woods said. “I could go on and on about Coach Nixon, but we’re always hanging out with him. He’s a great guy. He’s taught us so much. He’s taught me so much about just life in general and made me a better man,”

The Patriots are also getting support from across the country in the pro ranks. Current Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love and Krys Barned played on the 2015 Liberty team that lost in the state playoff.

Barnes said he is rooting for Nixon and the Patriots to finally bring a state championship trophy to Bakersfield.

“Besides X’s and O’s, he looks out for you as a person. He wants the best for you in every aspect of life. He’ll give you the honest answer,” Barnes said.

“I reached out to him and kind of wished them luck. I think I’m excited to see what they do tomorrow. This is going to be the game.”

The Patriots are heading to Orange County Friday and got a big sendoff Friday evening.