Augusta locals rent out their homes for Masters week


Beautiful landscapes, clean homes, and the perfect location is what brings people from all over the country to rent a home during Masters week.

Owner of a rental home, Stu Baker, says, “I mean would you rather stay in another hotel, like you could anywhere, or actually experience what it is like to live in Augusta and experience the Augusta culture.”

Columbia County takes up more than 50% of the rental locations, and whether you rent in Summerville, North Augusta, or Columbia County, you definitely will be getting your money’s worth.

Owner of Champion Home Rentals, Glen Bynum, says, “from $3,000 a week for a two bedroom or a three bedroom, older homes, somewhere close to the course, you know, up to the $30,000 and $40,000 corporate type homes and estates out in Columbia County.”

If someone is renting out their house, they must get a cleaning service each day to make sure that their house is in tip top shape, leaving no worries for a stranger to damage your home.

“That’s when it helps having agencies that do this professionally,” says Baker.

Bynum says, “we don’t really get too many complaints as far as damage or anybody getting out of control at any times.”

He says that if you choose to rent, price your home at a reasonable price and market your property well.

“I encourage homeowners to use list their homes, you know not only with me, but with the other companies here also, at least the other reputable ones,” says Bynum.

So what happens to these homeowners…where do they disappear to?

“A lot of them use their money, their income that they get from the housing rental to go on vacation,” says Bynum.

NewsChannel 6’s, Jenna Kelley, asked Baker, “so, you’re going to rent somewhere else?”

“Yes, we like being in town for this. It’s our favorite week to be in Augusta,” says Baker.

Whether you’re on vacation, crashing at a friends, or renting another place to invest in your own property, Glen says to make your plans now, while you still can.

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