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Which figure-skating dress is best?

Every professional and amateur figure skater wants a dress that is as aerodynamic as it is beautiful. Figure-skating dresses are useful in training, competition and shows, and it’s important to find a fit that is flattering and functional while on the ice.

A velvet dress like the Mondor Girls Ladies Figure Skating Examination Dress is perfect for any figure-skating endeavor. Whether skating for leisure or competition, this is a classic dress and a must-have for any skater’s wardrobe.

What to know before you buy a figure-skating dress

Figure skaters are not as concerned with warmth as you might think, and there are more important factors to consider when picking out a dress. If an athlete wants a figure-skating dress, they should aim for something minimal in design that will guarantee they can perform on their ice skates to the best of their ability.


Contrary to how it may seem, it doesn’t matter how warm your figure-skating dress is. Don’t hold back from a beautiful sleeveless cut because you’re worried about being cold. Initially stepping on the ice is always met with a chilly blast of air, but once you begin skating, cold is the least of your worries. Skating is a workout, and if you are truly worried about warmth while training, jackets are always an option.


For years, figure-skating rules required that women wear skirts in competition. That unnecessary rule has been overturned and dresses are entirely optional. If you would be more comfortable in a fashionable two-piece legging set, do not hesitate to wear that style instead.


There are not many rules regarding figure-skating dresses, but 50% of your body should be covered. Dresses should be minimal in design and if pieces of your costume fall off during your performance, you can suffer point deductions. Well-stitched and minimalistic figure-skating dresses are ideal for putting on a graceful and safe routine.

What to look for in a quality figure-skating dress

A quality figure-skating dress is made of stretchy but supple material. The skirt should be fairly short, and any embellishments should be well designed to ensure a conflict-free skating performance.

Stretchy material

Figure-skating dresses may look tiny and uncomfortable but they are quite the opposite. These dresses are made out of spandex and Lycra, both of which are flexible and breathable. Stretchy velvet, lace and mesh are also possible dress materials.

Short skirt

Whether made of spandex, Lycra, velvet or lace, most figure-skating dresses stick to short skirt designs. Shorter skirts are more aerodynamic, allowing the skater to spin and jump with less resistance. The leotard and small skirt ensure a skater can perform to the best of their abilities and not have to worry about being tangled up in their outfit.


A quality skating dress has unique details but is not cheaply made. A costume with a flurry of loose designs and dangling pieces is less practical for performing tricks and can be a danger to other skaters. Do not purchase a dress that could lose its embellishments on the ice and be a danger to others around you.

If you opt for an intricately decorated dress, reserve it for shows and competitions. Dressing up for training will damage the dress to the point where it is unwearable for special events.

How much you can expect to spend on a figure-skating dress

A basic figure-skating dress in solid colors can cost $20-$50. Dresses meant for shows have extra detailing and cost upward of $100.

Figure-skating dress FAQ

What do you wear under a figure-skating dress?

A. Most figure skaters wear thick tights that keep their legs warm and provide a cushion between their feet and the ice skates. Sometimes, these tights also go over the skates to protect them from scuff marks and keep the laces from unraveling.

Why do figure-skating dresses show so much skin?

A. Figure skaters need small outfits to reduce resistance while on the ice and thus are very limited in costume choices. Dresses with cutouts are the only unique designs that are not covered in small pieces that could become a hazard on the ice.

However, most figure-skating dresses are not as revealing as they seem. Most costumes are made with a skin-colored mesh material that creates the illusion of having an exposed back, arms and torso.

What’s the best figure-skating dress to buy?

Top figure-skating dress

Mondor Girls Ladies Figure Skating Examination Dress

Mondor Girls Ladies Figure Skating Examination Dress

What you need to know: This is a long-sleeve velvet dress with a classic style skirt.

What you’ll love: It comes with a matching hair accessory and has a basic design that is appropriate for training, shows, competitions and examinations. The material is velvet and is warmer than most skating dresses.

What you should consider: The skirt is very short and the dress runs small. It is recommended to order a size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top figure-skating dress for the money

Inhzoy Kids Girls Figure Ice Skating Dress

Inhzoy Kids Girls Figure Ice Skating Dress

What you need to know: This is a polyester and tulle ice-skating dress with long sleeves and a high-neck collar.

What you’ll love: The dress comes in black, blue, purple, red, white and black and comes in child sizes up to 14. There are small rhinestones up the sleeves and collar.

What you should consider: It has an exposed back that some children may be uncomfortable with. It is hand-wash only.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LIUHUO Black Ice Figure Skating Dress for Girls

LIUHUO Black Ice Figure Skating Dress for Girls

What you need to know: This is a spandex figure-skating dress with mesh paneling and a mesh skirt.

What you’ll love: The dress comes in both black and blue color options and is hand beaded with rhinestones. It comes in sizes for both children and adults.

What you should consider: The dress is hand-wash only due to the rhinestones, and washing it in the machine could cause the beads to fall off. This dress should only be worn for show, not during training, due to its detailing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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