Which mini bike is best?

Before you learn to run, you have to learn how to walk. It’s the same with riding a bike and especially for powerful motorcycles. The easiest way to learn how to handle the power and speed of a motorcycle is to purchase and practice on a mini bike.

The best mini bike top pick is the Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP Gas-Powered Mini Trail Bike. This mini bike packs a surprisingly strong punch but can also be tuned down if needed, making it perfect for most ages and any skill level.

What to know before you buy a mini bike

Who are mini bikes for?

Mini bikes are generally marketed to two types of consumers, although this doesn’t mean they are only for these consumers.

  • First-time riders: Mini bikes are perfect for learning how to handle a motorcycle with much less risk of injury. Some mini bikes are even made for children learning to ride any kind of bike for the first time.
  • Recreational riders: As mini bikes aren’t legally allowed to be ridden on public roads, they’re better suited for having fun away from the city. A mini bike is a perfect purchase for those riding on country terrain; just make sure your mini bike is designed for such travels.

Types of mini bike

  • Pocket bikes: This type of mini bike is basically a miniature motorcycle. They’re one of the smallest options available and come in two- and four-stroke engines.
  • Pit bikes: This is a miniature motocross motorcycle used for pit racing and motocross competitions. They’re more stable than most mini bikes, which makes them perfect for the youngest riders.
  • Midi motos: Being similar to pocket bikes but a touch larger earned them the nickname “super pocket bike.” These mini bikes are the fastest type of mini bike, so they are more suited to older riders.
  • Mini choppers: Exactly what it sounds like, these mini bikes are small versions of choppers and are frequently custom built.
  • Quad bikes: Also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), these mini bikes are one of the slowest options as they have four wheels and are meant for stable travel over rough terrain.

What to look for in a quality mini bike


Mini bikes typically come in sizes meant for either younger riders or fully adult riders. Smaller, youth-oriented bikes typically have upper weight limits of 175 pounds and most adults can’t ride them. Larger, adult-oriented mini bikes can handle weights up to 300 pounds. While younger riders can technically ride them, they can be very hard to control for that crowd.


  • Two-stroke: These engines use gas to power them and typically have quick starting but low speed capabilities. These are perfect for younger riders and those learning the ropes.
  • Four-stroke: As you might have guessed, this is a more powerful version of the two-stroke engine. They’re heavier and use up fuel more quickly but have twice the maximum speed. These mini bikes are meant for racing or for those looking for a long-lasting option.
  • Electric: Electricity powers these engines instead of gas. They’re quieter and better for the environment but need to be charged frequently as their battery doesn’t last very long. Their top speed is also the lowest of the three options listed here, usually at a maximum of 20 mph.

How much you can expect to spend on a mini bike

With mini bikes typically split between youth and adult bikes, so is the cost. Youth mini bikes are usually $200-$500, while adult bikes start around $400 and can cost more than $1,000 in some cases.

Mini bike FAQ

Are there any laws regarding mini bikes?

A. Every state and locality has its own laws regarding mini bikes, usually relating to the safety of drivers on the road since mini bikes lack most standard safety features that cars are equipped with. The most common laws prohibit mini bikes from being driven on any public road.

Are mini bikes safe for kids?

A. If used properly and precautions are taken, they can be quite safe. That said, mini bikes always carry the possibility of serious injury. Accidents happen.

What’s the best mini bike to buy?

Top mini bike

Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

What you need to know: This mini bike is perfect for young and old, with a weight limit of 200 pounds and a shocking amount of torque and power.

What you’ll love: A throttle control is perfect for limiting younger riders and it’s very easy to maintain.

What you should consider: Damage from shipping is a recurring issue, plus the rear and front racks are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top mini bike for the money

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Motorcycle 

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Motorcycle

What you need to know: This electric mini bike is the perfect entry-level bike for new and young riders.

What you’ll love: Training wheels are available for first-timers, while slightly older riders will enjoy the ability to crank up the speed.

What you should consider: The brake pads can get stuck and the electric components just aren’t as durable as the bike.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Massimo Motor 196cc Super Size Mini Moto Trail Bike

Massimo Motor 196cc Super Size Mini Moto Trail Bike

What you need to know: Although this mini bike is quite expensive, it is the closest mini bike you can get to a real, full-sized motorcycle.

What you’ll love: Bonus features like a front headlight and storage compartment add lots of value to this mini bike.

What you should consider: The parts on this mini bike need replacing at a more frequent rate than is desired.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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