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Which Home Depot wood fencing is best?

You can buy fences to keep things out, fences to keep things in and fences that provide an attractive backdrop. Contractors and homeowners pick the type of fence they need at Home Depot and choose the kind of wood they want, too. 

If you’re looking for a classic picket fence kit that contains everything but the posts, take a look at the Outdoor Essentials Cedar Picket Fence Panel Kit.

What to know before you buy wood fencing at Home Depot

There are fences made of metal, stone, wire and plastic — even invisible fences. Home Depot has several types of wood fences, each made to do a particular job. 

  • Picket fences: The design is simple — upright stakes with pointy tops are mounted side by side with narrow spaces in between. Picket fences are usually 3 or 4 feet tall, don’t provide security or privacy, but do serve as boundary fences for small kids and pets.
  • Post and rail: This horizontal fence is regularly seen around ranches and farms. The fence is made of three or four horizontal boards attached to vertical posts spaced about 6 to 8 feet apart. Post and rail fences establish boundaries and keep large animals in, but don’t provide privacy or security.
  • Vertical planks: This simple design uses wide boards mounted vertically, usually in 6- and 8-foot lengths. These fences provide visual privacy at the expense of blocking the breeze. 
  • Lattice: When thin wooden slats are woven together with spaces in between, the result is a lattice fence that provides partial privacy, lots of style and a place for your climbing plants and flowers to flourish.
  • Louver: This horizontal fence has long, narrow slats angled to overlap each other so you can’t see through them. The small gaps between the overlaps let some air pass through.

What to look for in quality wood fencing at Home Depot


  • Privacy: If privacy is important to you, you want a fence that blocks outsiders’ ability to see inside. Blocking vision usually comes at the expense of blocking air and light, too, so plan accordingly.
  • Security: If you want a fence secure enough to keep people out, choose a sturdy plank or louvered fence.
  • Containment: If you want to keep kids and pets inside, a simple picket fence will do. If you want horses and cows to stay on your land, a post and rail fence is a great choice.
  • Beautification: If you like the look of climbing plants and flowers, pick a lattice fence. It gives them a place to grow up and out while providing habitat for bees and birds.

Type of wood

  • Pine: This is the most common wood for fences because it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. Pine has no resistance to insects, weather or decay, though, so it requires regular painting or staining. 
  • Redwood: This long-lasting wood is sturdy and resists insects and rot, but its aesthetic appeal is the real draw for homeowners. Over time, exposure to sunlight, rain and snow leads to decay and splintering, however, so you need to stain or paint your redwood fence if you want it to have a longer life.
  • Cypress and cedar: The oils inside these woods give them natural protection against insects and splintering.
  • Composite lumber: When plastics and binding agents are added to wood fibers, the result is a composite lumber that is denser, stronger and more durable than wood alone. Fences made of composite lumber resist water, mold and surface damage and need no painting or staining.  

How much you can expect to spend on wood fencing at Home Depot

Individual pickets, planks and posts cost $2-$40, depending upon the type of wood and its dimensions. Pre-made panels cost $50-$300.

Wood fencing at Home Depot FAQ

Does all wood fencing need maintenance?

A. Organic materials need ongoing care to stand up to rainy springs, blistering summers and freezing winters while maintaining their beauty. Taking proper care of your wood fence with paint, stain or sealant is the best way to extend its life. 

Is there one type of wooden fence that does it all?

A. No. Generally speaking, when you choose a fence, you are making trade-offs. If you want privacy, you have to give up the free flow of air; if you want the utmost in security, function wins out over style.

What’s the best wood fencing to buy at Home Depot?

Top wood fencing at Home Depot

Outdoor Essentials Cedar Picket Fence Panel Kit

Outdoor Essentials Cedar Picket Fence Panel Kit 

What you need to know: Six feet long and 3.5 feet tall, this western red cedar fence panel naturally resists insects, rot and decay.

What you’ll love: The 22-pound kit contains pickets, top and bottom rails, brackets and screws. The rough-sawn lumber varies slightly in thickness and width, providing a rustic surface you finish with paint, stain or sealer.

What you should consider: There are no pre-drilled rain holes in the horizontal rails.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top wood fencing at Home Depot for the money

Pressure-Treated 6-by-8-Foot Dog Ear Pine Fence Panel

Pressure-Treated 6-by-8-Foot Dog Ear Pine Fence Panel

What you need to know: This privacy fence panel is pre-assembled so all you have to do is install your posts and attach your panels to them.

What you’ll love: The wood has been pressure-treated to protect against fungus, rot and termites. The classic stockade style keeps people and animals out while blocking outsiders’ view of what’s inside. 

What you should consider: Mounting hardware is not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Yardistry 60-by-66-Inch Freestanding Hinged Privacy Screen

Yardistry 60-by-66-Inch Freestanding Hinged Privacy Screen

What you need to know: Sometimes you want only a little bit of fence in the right place to provide beauty and privacy.

What you’ll love: The exterior-grade cedar panels are held upright by the four attached planters. Climbing plants and flowers love it because the slots between the slats give them room to roam and bring your fence to life. The lumber is precut, predrilled and prefinished.

What you should consider: Some say it’s hard to assemble without help.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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