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Which North Face vest is best?

While a coat may help you to combat the chill, the bulk can limit your movement and make activity nearly impossible. Vests give you plenty of protection from the cold while allowing you more freedom of movement. And if you need more layers to combat the extra chill, they allow you to add sweaters, sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts underneath without compromising your mobility.

The North Face is well known for producing high-performance outerwear, specifically ones that are able to withstand extreme cold. It has been a staple in the outdoor activity community and produces some of the most popular vests available today. If you want a vest to keep you warm and toasty when the cold wind blows, The North Face Women’s Mossbud Insulated Reversible Vest is a great option.

What to know before you buy a North Face vest


When buying a North Face vest, consider how much insulation you need. Take time to think about the possible weather conditions you could face when you wear the vest. The traditional insulated and fleece-lined vests from The North Face provide excellent protection against the cold. Other vests utilize unique materials and structure to provide warmth while letting you move freely on hikes up in the woods or skiing down a mountainside. 


Consider if you need your North Face vest to protect you against the cold as well as rain, sleet or snow. Waterproof materials can give you added protection against snow or cold rainy weather. Make sure to check the product descriptions if you need something waterproof.

Fit and function

The North Face vest you choose should fit comfortably to your form and provide room for layering sweatshirts or sweaters underneath. Think about any functionality you may need as well, especially regarding zipper pockets that will keep your cell phone, wallet or lip balm safe and secure.

What to look for in a quality North Face vest

Fleece lining 

The North Face designs its vests to protect against cold weather, and most have fleece lining that provides extra softness, comfort and warmth.

Heatseeker insulation

The North Face constructs vests with recycled down insulation to give superior protection from the elements. Whether it’s simply cold outside or you also have to deal with rain or snow, the insulation is sure to keep you warm in any weather condition.

Wind resistant

The recycled fabric found in The North Face vests provides resistance against the wind, which adds to its ability to keep you warm. At the same time, the lightweight fabric offers comfort and mobility, so you can stay warm even if you’re skiing down the slopes or hiking a windy trail. 

How much you can expect to spend on a North Face vest

All North Face vests range in price from around $55-$350, depending on their design for warmth and functionality. If you just need a simple, thin vest, you can usually find some affordable options. If you need more advanced features, expect to spend a bit more money on the high-quality design.

The North Face vest FAQ

What does The North Face stand for?

A. The North Face logo showcases the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The company picked The North Face because these mountains are in the northern hemisphere, and they experience more cold due to the lack of sun. This chill makes them more challenging for climbers.

How do North Face vests keep you warm?

A. The North Face combines design and construction to create a highly-effective vest. It has an eco-friendly down alternative called ThermoBall and uses a unique construction that spaces out the material in baffles. This design keeps the jacket thin and light yet warm.

What’s the best North Face vest to buy?

Top North Face vest

The North Face Women's Mossbud Insulated Reversible Vest

The North Face Women’s Mossbud Insulated Reversible Vest

What you need to know: This vest is perfect for those who want a vest with a flattering fit that also provides room for layering when necessary. The vest zips in front and has a zippered pocket for handy storage.

What you’ll love: The heatseeker insulation and the water-resistant outer layer is perfect for cold, snowy and rainy weather. Wear this vest when you want to enjoy an outdoor hike, a day on the slopes or just need some extra warmth in front of the campfire.

What you should consider: It comes at a relatively high price and may be too warm for milder climates.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top North Face vest for the money

The North Face Women's Tamburello 2 Insulated Vest

The North Face Women’s Tamburello 2 Insulated Vest

What you need to know: If you want a North Face vest to wear as a sporty everyday topper, this is a great option. Layer it with warmer shirts to provide extra protection from the cold. 

What you’ll love: It’s lightweight, well insulated, wind-resistant and water repellent. It has a full-length front zipper and two side zipper pockets for storing your wallet, keys or cell phone.

What you should consider: This vest may be too light for colder temperatures, so you may need to ensure you have enough layers if it’s very cold.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The North Face Women's Shelbe Raschel Hooded Vest

The North Face Women’s Shelbe Raschel Hooded Vest

What you need to know: This North Face vest is extra soft and water-resistant, with a hood that keeps the cold out.

What you’ll love: It’s lightweight and wind-resistant, and the fit is perfect for everyday wear. You can also easily layer up for colder outdoor activities.

What you should consider: It only comes in three colors, so your options are a little limited. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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