Return to Ridgecrest: The only animal rescue open during the earthquakes

Return to Ridgecrest

After the earthquakes, not only were people displaced from their houses, many pets were too.

When the 6.4 and 7.1 hit over the 4th of July, most animal shelters in Ridgecrest were closed for the holiday weekend.

That’s why Almost Eden Rescue decided to open.

“When the earthquakes started and fireworks combined, we ended up opening 24/7,” said Almost Eden president, Teresa Servais. “We were the only thing that was open for a two-hour drive in any direction.”

The rescue received so many animals, they were forced to expand from their main facility to their warehouse a few miles away.

They called it the Ark.

“We were getting about easily 50 dogs a day, plus cats, plus rabbits, that were lost, misplaced, hurt,” Servais said.

Almost all the animals were eventually reunited with their owners or adopted out.

But at the end of the flood, the Ark had just two pets left, a pit mix named Lucky and a cat named Luna.

Both animals were abandoned during the earthquakes.

“They don’t know that they’re not wanted. They are very, very, very loved,” Servais said.

The community has since come together to return the favor to the rescue.

Their warehouse is now full of amenities.

“The washer and dryer were donated to us,” Servais explained. “Cat food, dog food, all donated from the community. The wood fencing in the back yard was put up by the community.”

Servais says she’s grateful. “Just so much was done, and I just love Ridgecrest.”

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