Return to Ridgecrest: Community helps earthquake victims in mobile homes

Return to Ridgecrest

RIDGECREST, Calif. (KGET)—Six months after magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 earthquakes hit Ridgecrest, the city is still rebuilding and reeling from constant aftershocks.

While some damage in Ridgecrest has been repaired, it’s people in mobile homes who’ve been hit the hardest.

For Bridget Scoggan, her mobile home at Trousdale Estates was completely destroyed.

“I was inside the house when it collapsed to the side,” she said. “It was going to be mine. I was buying it to own it.”

Her furniture, food, and almost everything she owned was either left behind or ruined.

“The floor jacks came up from the ground. There’s big cracks on the wall and the ceiling,” she said.

Unfortunately, she’s not alone.

“There’s 30 mobile homes here in this park alone that went down, and people had to sign it over because there was no help,” she explained.

To this day, those homes remain knocked off their foundations. Most are still red-tagged with no repairs in sight.

However, two months after the earthquakes, the local Lions Club partnered with the Grace Lutheran Church to buy Bridget a new mobile home.

“We were able to give her things like silverware and basic needs like shampoo, conditioner, things like that,” said Ridgecrest Lions Club member Stephen Birdwell. “She has a home due to the community. She doesn’t have a home due to one person or one group.”

With $60,000 from individual donors, the club helped house more than a hundred people like Bridget.

“I like the fact that Ridgecrest draws together where there’s a time of need,” Birdwell said.

“Without them, I would not even have this,” Bridget said. “I would literally be in a dining room on an air mattress—or out on the streets.”

Her new home sits blocks away from her old one, a bittersweet reminder of her loss and her PTSD.

It’s a reminder of how there are hundreds more like Bridget who need support.

“Don’t forget Ridgecrest,” she said. “We may be a small town, but people are suffering still, and they need help.”

To help out Bridget, you can donate to her GoFundMe page.

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